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May 29th, 2017 - Recently, 3 different locals from the Unity Council have ratified new collective agreements with Gerdau.

On May 1st - Local 8065 in Rancho Cucamonga agreed to a new 3-year collective bargaining agreement. The new agreement includes an immediate $2500.00 lump sum payment and no wage, pension, or 401(k) increases. Additionally, the new agreement provides for the elimination of the $700.00 waiving medical coverage provision effective 2019.    The Company plans to break ground on a new bag house this coming June at an estimated cost of $25 million.

On May 18th - The membership of LU 8918 in Cambridge, Ontario ratified a new three-year CBA with Gerdau that includes 2 tier for all job classifications ( $5.00 pay cut for new hires), 2 tier cola for new hires capped at $0.15, 2 tier benefits, $1.00 pension increase in the first year and a $2250 signing bonus with no wage increases.

On May 24th - The membership of LU 5442 in Selkirk, Manitoba ratified a new 3 year agreement that includes no wage increase and a $1500 lump sum payment upon ratification with no second tier wages.

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Local 9452 Fort Smith Arkansas  
Local 5442 Selkirk, Manitoba    
Local 6571 Whitby, Ontario  
Local 7263 St. Paul, Minnesota
Local 8581 Wilton, Iowa  
Local 8918 Cambridge, Ontario  
UAW 723 Monroe, Michigan