May 29th 2017 - Recently, 3 different locals from the Unity Council have ratified new collective agreements with Gerdau.

On May 1st - Local 8065 in Rancho Cucamonga agreed to a new 3-year collective bargaining agreement. The new agreement includes an immediate $2500.00 lump sum payment and no wage, pension, or 401(k) increases. Additionally, the new agreement provides for the elimination of the $700.00 waiving medical coverage provision effective 2019.    The Company plans to break ground on a new bag house this coming June at an estimated cost of $25 million.

On May 18th - The membership of LU 8918 in Cambridge, Ontario ratified a new three-year CBA with Gerdau that includes 2 tier for all job classifications ( $5.00 pay cut for new hires), 2 tier cola for new hires capped at $0.15, 2 tier benefits, $1.00 pension increase in the first year and a $2250 signing bonus with no wage increases.

On May 24th - The membership of LU 5442 in Selkirk, Manitoba ratified a new 3 year agreement that includes no wage increase and a $1500 lump sum payment upon ratification with no second tier wages.

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Local 8065 Rancho Cucamonga, California  
Local 5442 Selkirk, Manitoba    
Local 6571 Whitby, Ontario  
Local 7263 St. Paul, Minnesota
Local 8581 Wilton, Iowa  
Local 8586 Beaumont, Texas  
Local 8918 Cambridge, Ontario    
Local 9447-5 Calvert City, Kentucky