June 21st, 2018 - We have a new Collective Agreement. Click here to see the result.   Local 6571 Activists Grievances Retirees Safety Links Collective Agreement Recent News Contact Info Unity Council newsHome
June 18th, 2018 - The Ratification Meeting will be held this Wednesday, June 20th at Heydenshore Pavilion at 4:30PM. Click here to view the notice. The Company will be shutting down for a period of time to allow those that are scheduled to be at work, the ability to attend the meeting and vote.  
June 15th, 2018 - We have reached a Tentative Settlement. Please click here to read the signed statement. We will notify you as soon as possible on the details of a ratification meeting.  
June 13th, 2018 - Due to the ongoing negotiating process, the Union membership meeting originally scheduled for tomorrow night - June 14th has been cancelled. The next regularly scheduled meeting will take place on Thursday, July 12th.  
April 28th, 2018 - Today is the National Day of Mourning. It is a day that we remember those who have lost their lives at work as well as those who have become sick or injured from their work. We mourn for the dead and continue to fight for the living.......click here to see the statement from the USW on the National Day of Mourning.  

March 6th, 2018 - Nominations for the following Executive Offices and Committee Positions will take place on March 8, 2018 at 125 Albert St. in Oshawa during the monthly Membership meeting. All candidates shall be nominated from the floor at this meeting. Executive Offices:

Vice President
Recording Secretary
Financial Secretary
Inside Guard
Outside Guard
Trustees (3)

Committee Positons:
Negotiating/Grievance Committee (5)


February 27th, 2018 - Click here for an update on negotiations.  
February 12th, 2018 - Click here for the statement on the decision for the LETTER NO 58 arbitration.  
February 8th, 2018 - Click here to see a statement regarding the current Negotiations with the Company.  

December 12th, 2017 - Active employees should have received their vacation pay settlement, if any was owed, on November 30th. Retirees will be able to pick up their settlement from the Union office on Albert st. Click here to view the list of retirees that are entitled to receive money from the vacation pay settlement. Contact Janet Sharp to arrange a time to pick up. Janet will be available at the office on December 20th and December 22nd from 9am - 4pm. You can e-mail Janet at janetsharp@usw6571.ca or phone her at 905-576-2210 to arrange a time for pick up.

November 23rd, 2017 - Please click here to read a joint statement regarding the upcoming payout of the vacation pay grievance settlement.  
August 23rd, 2017 - Please click here to read the statement from the Gerdau Workers World Council regarding the recent fatalities in Brazil.  
May 29th, 2017 - check out the Unity Council news page for updates on bargaining at other locations.  
May 23rd, 2017 - please click here to see scholarship opportunities that the USW offers students!  
May 2nd, 2017 - The Canadian National Office of the United Steelworkers is hiring summer students. Click here to view the posting. Deadline to apply is May 10th.  
April 26th, 2017 - Click here to read District 6 Director Marty Warren's statement on April 28th. Click here to read the Gerdau World Workers Council's statement on April 28th.  
April 20th, 2017 - Brothers, due the failure in the Melt Shop, the Company and the Union have agreed to temporary changes in the overtime provisions. This coming Sunday day shift and Sunday night shift, the Company will be canvassing for extra producing shifts in the melt shop that will be paid at double time at the tier one rate for all those that work. If you have any questions - contact a Committeeman.  
February 8th, 2017 - Thanks to Frank and Ed for doing the canvass work and thanks to everyone for giving to the United Way. Our Local Union has been recognized with an exceptional achievment award. Read the letter from the United Way here.  

April 28th, 2016 - April 28th is the Natioinal Day of Mourning when we remember those who have been seriously injured or lost there lives at work. Here is the USW's statement on the Day of Mourning:

December 15th, 2015 - Brothers (and Sister) - recently the Company began handing out a prize for the 4 year safety award.  The award is in recognition of 4 years with "no lost time accidents".  As you may or may not be aware, there have been guys at the plant who have lost time and pay as a result of incidents or injuries that have occurred at the plant over the past 4 years.  As a result, the Union does not believe that this award should be recognized.  We would encourage you to inform the Company that you do not want to accept the award, and instead have it donated to charity on your behalf.  If you have already accepted the award, you can still donate it to a charitable cause.  The celebration of this award would have been encouraged had it not been at the expense of some of our brothers.

In Solidarity


May 1st, 2015 - If you'd like to help stop the sale of Hydro One, join the Public Hydro Coalition at their town hall meeting - Tuesday, May 19th at 6:30PM at the Jubilee Pavilion, Lakeview Park, Oshawa. For more information call 905-432-1269.  

April 28th, 2015 - Today is the National Day of Mourning. On average, we have around 900 workplace deaths annually... IN CANADA! That's almost 3 people every single day. Today we remember those who have lost their lives in an attempt to earn a living, and we resolve to continue our fight for the living.


January 22nd, 2015 - Brothers - Recently, you may have recieved a notice in the mail from the Company regarding the opening of the "pension centre". The Company sent this communication out without our knowledge or approval. Please note that as always, if you have any questions regarding your pension you may contact a member of the Pension Committee. The Pension Committee consists of Denis Kavanagh, Ben Burghout and John Catto.  

November 24th, 2014 - A few other recent retirees.......Congrats guys!






October 9th, 2014 - Congrats on your retirement Ian!

April 28th, 2014 - National Day of Mourning. A day to remember lives lost in the workplace and resolve to prevent future tragedies.

From the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety website;

The numbers tell the story. In 2012, 977 workplace deaths were recorded in Canada – an increase from 919 the previous year. This represents more than 2.7 deaths every single day.

In the 20 year period from 1993 to 2012, 18,039 people lost their lives due to work-related causes (an average of 902 deaths per year).

The National Day of Mourning, held annually on April 28, was officially recognized by the federal government in 1991, eight years after the day of remembrance was launched by the Canadian Labour Congress. The Day of Mourning has since spread to about 80 countries around the world and has been adopted by the AFL-CIO and the International Confederation of Free Trade.

The Canadian flag on Parliament Hill will fly at half-mast. Workers will light candles, don ribbons and black armbands and observe moments of silence. Businesses are asked to participate by declaring April 28 a Day of Mourning and to strive to prevent workplace deaths, illnesses and injuries.

CCOHS hopes that the annual observance of this day will strengthen the resolve to establish safe conditions in the workplace, and prevent injuries and deaths. As much as this is a day to remember the dead, it is also a call to protect the living.

April 15th, 2014 - Please note that the start time for the regular monthly membership meeting has changed. Meetings are still on the second Thursday of the month, but now begin at 5:30pm. This change was voted on and approved by the membership at the April meeting.  

February 20th, 2014 - Read this Flyer! Attend the meeting!


January 19th, 2014 - Brothers, Once again we find ourselves in a less than enviable position. After just coming out of our Christmas shutdown, we have had to endure a couple of down days due to gas curtailment and then the fire at the Bar Mill Straightener. We have now been hit with an additional gas curtailment, putting further pressure on our facility. As a result, and in order to avoid temporary layoffs, you have received a call informing you not to report for work until Wednesday. This is something that your bargaining committee has agreed with in order to avoid the layoff. Contact a Committeeman with any questions.

November 7th, 2013 - Fairness Works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhInxpMMqk0  
October 22nd, 2013 - Yesterday we welcomed back 20 guys that have been laid off for more than four and a half years. Glad to have you back brothers!  
September 30th - The EDO Letter of Agreement has not been renewed and for those who are on 12 hour shifts; you will now revert back to the regular 12 hour shift pattern.  
July 2nd, 2013 - Please click here to read the notice regarding the EDO shift schedule Letter of Agreement. The EDO's will be applied to both 2 crew 12 hour shifts and 4 crew 12 hour shifts. The 2 crew 12 hour shift pattern will be Monday to Thursday days and Monday to Wednesday nights.  
June 19th, 2013- The Letter of Agreement that was signed on March 19th (see below) has been extended for 2 more weeks and will expire on July 6th, 2013.  
May 22nd - Click here to read the letter of Agreement that was signed on March 19th regarding the reduced hour schedule. This letter will continue in effect until June 22nd.