Set Up into Mill L.O.P.

This Letter makes the Set-up job a part of the Rolling Mill Line of Progression

Retirement Allowance 2018-2020

This Letter clarifies rules and answers questions regarding the retirement allowance

Filling Temorary Vacancies in Shipping 8&12 hr shifts

This Letter is intended to clarify the rules for filling temporary vacancies in the Shipping department when there are both 8 hour and 12 hour shifts in the same LOP at the same time.


Maintenance Wage Increase

This Letter adds $2 to the regular hourly rate for all Trade and Craft employees

Maintenance Overtime Opportunites

This Letter lays out parameters for the scheduling of Maintenance Overtime

Contracting Out Maintenance work at the BM Stacker

This Letter is intended to provide the Company temporary relief from the contracting out language due to the high delays at the BM Stacker

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